Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh my!

Lions and tigers and bears.......

oh no at my house it is

Laryngitis and headache and phlegm..... oh my!

So as is regular tradition for me I will be sick on my birthday! I started losing my voice Monday night. As of yesterday I'm pretty much down to a whisper. It is uncomfortable to talk and seems to take more energy to whisper than I remember. All I can think of is that this is what Dad went through for several months before his diagnosis and then until his death. I'm not the only one who is making that connection. Last night as N and I watched American Idol and I tried to talk about the performances he looked at me with his big worried eyes. I asked him what? He said he didn't want to say because it would make me sad. I pressed on and found out that he thought I sounded like Papa and that he just wanted me to get better. I reminded him that I just have laryngitis and that I get it every year. Papa had cancer. It was kind of sad.

Anyway I'm going to power through work today. I'll have to leave much of the talking to my teaching partner but at least I'll be there. No reading aloud or singing for me today! I think that we will be celebrating my birthday today at school. The tradition is that a cake is baked for the birthday person by our wonderful Office Manager P! So I can't call in today...... I must go and eat cake! Everything she makes is delicious! The past couple of years she has made me her version of a George Washington cake. It is a yummy white cake with raspberry filling and traditionally it is dusted with powdered sugar, although P adds a decedent buttery frosting instead. It is the last cake that I remember my Mum making me for my birthday so not only is it delicious but it has sentimental meaning to me as well. We'll see what today brings.

Well off to get another cup of coffee before getting everyone out the door.


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