Sunday, November 29, 2009


These words touched me 24 years ago when R gave them to me and they touch me now. I've been searching for them for the last few weeks as I have been contemplating the seasons of a persons life. Finally I found them written in an old poetry scrap book that I kept when I was 16. The entry is dated 11/16/85. Back then I didn't know that these were the lyrics to the Led Zeppelin love ballad The Rain Song. I listened to it for the first time tonight. It is a pretty song. Zeppelin fans tout it as one of the best Zeppelin songs. I prefer the words without the music. They speak to me.

The Rain Song

This is the springtime of my loving
The second season I am to know
you are the sunlight in my growing
So little warmth I felt before
It isn't hard to feel me glowing
I watched the fire that grew so low
It is the summer of my smiles
Flee from me the keepers of the gloom
Speak to me only with your eyes
It is to you I give this time
I isn't hard to recognize
These things are clear to all from time to time
I felt the coldness of my winter
I never thought it would ever go
I cursed the gloom that set upon us
But I know that I love you so
These are the seasons of emotion
And like the winds they rise and fall
This is the wonder of devotion
I see the torch we all must hold
This is the mystery of the quotient
Upon us all a little rain must fall

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