Sunday, November 1, 2009

November-Writing Month!

Well November is here again! I'm happy to say goodbye to the craziness of Halloween and hello to the joys of Thanksgiving! November is write every day month for me. I'm going to do my best to renew my energies and enthusiasm here at Surfside Serenity. I do have a lot on my plate with my Dad's health situation, but I have to continue on with my I don't go crazy.

That being said I'll give a very brief update on Dad's situation. This past week we went to our local oncologist in the hopes that there might be some medical option that would save Dad's voice. We found out the the cancer is a T3 or T4. It is a slow growing cancer and has probably been growing for at least a year and a half. The doctor was so kind. I had a long list of typed questions that he answered. He told us that the medical option would not work for Dad. The coarse of chemo and radiation would be so strong that the treatment would likely kill Dad. So our options are clear. Go for the surgery and save his life or do nothing and the cancer will continue to grow and eventually cause him to aspirate get pneumonia and die. The doctor bluntly said it is not a nice way to meat your maker. He also said that if it were his father he would have him go to Boston for the surgery. So I guess our decision is made. I must say that I am terrified that he will go into surgery and either not come through the surgery or that he will end up in a nursing home; something he is adamantly against. Tomorrow he will see his primary care physician and we'll talk to him about if Dad is strong enough to endure a 6 hour surgery. Sigh...... Next Friday it is back into Boston. We'll see how quickly we can get the ball rolling.

On another note the NAEYC re accreditation process is moving forward for my school. The validator came last year and was very pleasant and respectful of staff and children. She looked at my class and portfolio, two other preschool classes and the kindergarten. Off the record she said we had a beautiful school and that we were doing a fabulous job. We'll be celebrating on Tuesday with a special luncheon. Yay!

Well off to figure out diner. I'll post some Halloween pictures tomorrow. The kids looked great and I decorated the table for the evening.


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