Saturday, November 7, 2009

New Traditions

Today was spent relaxing.  I woke early due to a neighborhood dog who was barking loudly throughout the early morning hours.  Poor dog must have really wanted to be inside.  Anyway,  two leisurely cups of coffee some HGTV and emails took up most of the morning.  'n' and I went out and took care of some errands.  She had to pick up a gift for a friends' birthday party next week.  Then for the second Saturday in a row we went to a local cupcake shop called Cupcake Charlies.  This little shop is wonderful. Lovely teenage girls man the store on the weekends.  They have dozens of cupcakes on display in their case and are always working on mixing up more frosting and batches as customers come into the shop.  Today 'n' and I tried three flavors; funfetti, lemon, and raspberry chocolate.  We also picked up hostess with the mostess, and vanilla with chocolate for R and N.   It was agreed that at future outings to CC's we will only choose two flavors to try.  That last cupcake put us both over the edge.  Too much of a good thing.  After enjoying our decadent treat we walked the waterfront.  It was good to get some exercise and it is always fun to people watch as the tourists continue to discover the joys of our waterfront.  We thought that we might walk our beach later in the day but instead curled up together on the couch and took and hour and a half nap.  Fresh air and cupcakes will do that to you.  We ended the day with a two hour American Idol Wii competition.  It was a good day.


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