Saturday, November 14, 2009

Reflecting on Transitions

"The primary and most beautiful of Nature's qualities is motion."
Marquis de Sade

The above quote is what I read on the page that I turned to when I opened Transitions by Julia Cameron. I was looking for inspiration for my writing tonight.

Motion, movement, mobility, hover, shift, drift, sweep along, flow, run, tread, glide, slide, roll, stream, wander, deviate, keep going, keep moving, put in motion, set in motion, go.....

We are all in motion.

I am in motion.

Fingers typing, foot tapping, hands dusting, body organizing, mind racing. Motion external as well as internal. Always moving, shifting, drifting and going.

Dad is in motion too.

Shuffling, sliding, stepping, walking, creeping, treading, drifting, sweeping along, going..... slowly, deliberately, carefully, cautiously, gingerly, precisely, anxiously, fully, thoughtfully

Beauty in motion.


Reya Mellicker said...

This is a beautiful poem! I could feel the ever changing nature of the world reading this, I mean really viscerally feel it.

Thank you!

Barbara said...

Reya, thanks for visiting and posting your thoughtful comment.


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