Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today is My Friday!

I love that Thursday is my Friday and that I have nothing penciled in on my calendar for tomorrow.   I'm looking forward to hanging out at home by myself(hopefully if I can get N back to school!).   The forcast for tomorrow, last I heard is rainy and nasty so it will be a good day to get some neglected chores done around the house.  I also have some neglected school stuff that I have to get done, pictures, newsletters, curriculum updates etc.  I think it will be a productive day.

Today there will be more work done over at Dad's house.  We are taking out the bathroom upstairs and preparing to take the flooring out in that section of the house in order to fix the floor joists that will in turn fix the ominous dip in the floor that you can see in the photo below.

I'm not sure how well you can see the dip in the floor but in person it appears that the house could fold in on itself at any moment.  It seams that the problem stems from two old leaks.  One leak was from the kitchen sink and the other was most likely from the tub in the bathroom.  I have to say I remember that tub leak.  For years the tile on the tub by the faucet was caved in and at times covered with silver duct tape.  Well all that waiting for repairs certainly took it's toll on the house.  Fortunately the problems will be relatively easy to fix and we have competent friends in the business who will work with us to fix the problems.  Once we get the floor joists fixed then we can get new flooring laid down.  We are also in the process of getting permits to do the windows and 'alter' the interior of the house.  This is a much more cumbersome process than what I had anticipated.  I can't wait to make this house beautiful in honor of my Mum and Dad.  I hope that we are making them proud.  

On a different note all this house stuff has my subconscious working overtime.  This morning when my alarm went off I was in the middle of the most horrendous dream about my brother's family.  My SIL played a huge part in the dream and it was quite disturbing.    I wish I could totally let go of all the negative feelings I have tied to her and all that has happened over the last several years.  I'll keep working on it...personal growth.

Well time to finish my coffee and get organized for my day. 


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