Saturday, September 18, 2010

Productive and Proud!

Well today was a hugely productive day.  n and I went out around 11am.  We did the banking, went shoe shopping and tried on a bunch of different shoes.  Both of us tried on these patent leather, red, 4 inch heals.  They were so funny.  I thought they actually looked good on n.  They reminded me of Dorothy and her red shoes from Wizard of Oz.  We ended up finding n some black booties at Kohls that suited her taste better than any thing we saw at Off Broadway.  We also went window shopping a Pier 1.  I found some cute candles that I picked up for a birthday gift.  After that we headed over for a quick bite at Panera.  Our final stop was Home Depot.  We purchased waterproofing paint, hydraulic cement, buckets and brushes.  The drylock paint was so heavy that we ended up using one of those flat carriages so that we didn't have to lift the paint.  It was quite the trip trying to navigate around the store with that huge flat bed.

Once our shopping was done we went home to change into 'work' clothes and headed over to Dad's.  There is much work to be done but we are moving steadily forward.  I am amazed at how neglected the home and property truly is but in the same breath I must say that I see tremendous opportunity and know that this process will be an incredible learning experience.  I think that  restoring my childhood home is also going to be a cathartic experience.  As much as I did for my my parents; I still have regrets and I hope that working their land and improving their home will help to heal my regrets and also help me to release some of the anger that I am holding onto with regard to how things have gone since my Mum passed away almost ten years ago.


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