Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today was a glorious day!  The air was crisp and clean at first and slowly it warmed but not so much that it was hot just enough to take the chill out of the air.  It was a perfect fall day and an example of my favorite kind of weather.  When you can choose to wear pants or shorts I am a happy girl.  Today I split the difference and wore my cropped pants.  Most of the day was spent organizing  laundry and thoughts in preparation for all of us returning to our school schedule.

My good friend C had her annual family cookout.  I made a yummy dip for the festivities.   R's been spending a lot of time at 40 Mayflower 'deconstructing' and was not able to come with me to the cookout.  Both of the children opted out too!  It was nice to go to the cookout and not have to 'babysit' so to speak, but it felt funny.  It was nice to catch up with some folks at the party.

I have to say that I think I finally realized something about myself.  While I enjoy socializing I prefer to socialize in smaller more intimate groups.  For whatever reason  I find larger social groups of people distracting and almost anxiety provoking.  I can handle it and usually am able to settle in and enjoy myself but I do better in smaller group settings.  It's strange however that when in a larger group for a work or Stand for Children related event I am not as distracted or nervous.  I would like to work on this quirk in my personality.  I have also recently been reflecting on my aversion to controversy and drama and believe I need to learn how to better handle such situations so that they pop up less frequently in my life.  Not quite sure how I'm going to desensitize myself to these situations but I'll figure it out eventually.


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