Monday, September 6, 2010

Back To School

It's the 6th of September and all through the house
the children are crying and lying about
the Moms and the Dads in the neighborhood cheer
glad tidings abound it's the start of the school year,
pencils are sharpened, notebooks are packed
the children resist hitting the sack
menus are planned and snacks stored away
oh when, oh when will they hit the hay
the alarm will sound early, too early for me
coffee to brew, or perhaps just some tea
in the cool fall air,  faces are bright,
children are reassured
they'll get through their fright
one last picture
a kiss, and a hug
to the bus they go
a year of adventures
begin again
soon they will know
how fast time does fly
but for now just a quick wave good bye.

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