Thursday, September 23, 2010

Feeling the Itch

Over the summer I spent a great deal of time using photography as my creative outlet.  Now that I'm back at school and photography is part of my job I am finding that I am itching to dive into some other creative outlet at home.  I'm still fascinated by the light and nature I see around me but I want to try my hand at something else.  Maybe tomorrow I'll break out some supplies and work on some handmade beads or wax printing for monoprint cards.  I wish I had done something today but I was home caring for n.  Our first sick day of the year.  She needed to stay home and was genuinely sick but I always hate calling in sick.  I'm virtually the only one who calls in.  I'm the only one with young children and without someone else at home to care for them when they need to stay home.  I did a bit of resting today too as I have been suffering with a cold.  I'm hoping it doesn't morph into something worse.  We'll see.


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