Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Visit in my Dreams

Lately dreams have been my nemesis. I have been plagued over the last few months with disturbing and unsettling dreams. Today however was different. I awoke this morning from the most wonderful dream about my Mother in Law Anita. Anita passed away 3 weeks after n was born. At the end of this summer we will have spent 10 years without her wonderful presence here on earth. She was one of the most generous and genuine women I have ever known. She had a truly unique personality and sense of humor. At times I see her in both of my children and certainly in my husband. I wish that she had known my children and been able to watch them grow into the people they are today. It is dreams like the one I am about to describe that reaffirm my belief that our loved ones do see and remain with us but in a different way.

We were home. My sister in law A was with us, visiting I suppose. The children were younger than they are now. n was in the kitchen with me and N was in the tv room playing with toys on the floor. I heard a car pull into the driveway and I stepped out the side door of the kitchen to see Anita. She looked beautiful. She stepped out of her car and started walking up the drive with a male client following behind. In my dream it was her heavier self but she looked so healthy and walked with spring in her step. She turned to her client and told him to behave when he went into the house. She climbed the steps and walked into our kitchen and looked down at n. She smiled and said "Oh isn't she so cute". Then she and her client walked into the house. She turned to the young man and told him to go talk with R. I then turned and said that R was in the shower.

At this point singing woke me from my visit. I turned and R had just finished his shower and was singing and getting ready for the day. Normally I would have rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. I just couldn't I felt compelled to get up and tell him about my visit with Ma. He was excited for me that I had just experienced such a lovely dream.

What a wonderful way to start my day.

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