Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It Feels Like Summer!

I remember the summers when  I was a young girl and boy were they hot!  They felt very much like the weather we are experiencing this week.  I remember the box fans and occasional ocean breeze that were the main method of relief from the heat.  It seems to me that we had long stretches of hazy, hot and humid weather.  Mum and I would sit in the kitchen together trying to catch that illusive breeze.  I remember lazy days spent reading books, playing Scrabble, sunbathing on the deck, walking to the beach, playing with friends and eating tomatoes right off the vine sprinkled with a little salt.  Did I say the words 'I'm bored.' ?  I'm sure I must have but I honestly don't remember being bored.  Summer was a time filled with fun and freedom.  It was a different time back then.  Parents didn't worry if their kids walked down the neighborhood streets to play at a friends' house all day.  We didn't even have to call and set up play dates.  We just went and knocked on the door.  If our friends couldn't play we came home.  I remember the ships bell that hung next to the kitchen door.  The distinct ring of that bell would call my brother and me home for lunch or for our evening meal.  Oh the memories.   I so desperately want my children to have fond memories of their childhood summers.  That is what i am thinking about as I listen to n and her friend l playing Wii in the living room.  Singing, laughing and having fun together.   Making memories, fostering friendships, creating family traditions and spending quality time together before they need to move away from the closeness we have now;  that is what this summer is all about.

What is your summer about this year?


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