Monday, July 19, 2010

A Great Day!

Today started out full of promise.  I planned to do something with the kids.  I was determined not to sit in the house all day, even if that is what pleases N.  Well it was a lovely morning, the tides were right and we decided to head to our beach.  It is a bit of a project, getting ready, gathering all the supplies, driving to the boat ramp and finding our place in the not so sandy sand.  It is always worth the work.  Today was no different.

It was low tide around mid day and we were at the beach by 11am.  At first it was only us and that is just the way we like the beach.  After a few minutes a couple came down and took a dip in the ocean.   We all kept to ourselves.  Shortly after that our regular beach going neighbor from the west side of our development came down and took up his regular spot on the boat ramp.  This gentleman always amazes me.  He is probably in his late sixties or early seventies.  He brings a beach buggy with him full of his supplies that include his transistor radio and towel.  He always spreads his towel out on the hard cement and spends the day laying on his towel.  He looks up every once and a while to see what others are doing on the beach and occasionally takes a dip in the ocean but for the most part he just lies in the sun.  On a good day I couldn't lie on that cement.

Anyway on with our story.  Well of coarse when the others arrived on the beach N immediately wanted to go home.  According to him he is not a people person.   n and I were not bothered by the other beach goers.  We convinced N that we should stay, donned our water shoes and started exploring the shallows.  Years ago there were definite tide pools where we could swim.  Over the last seven or eight years the beach has changed and the tide pools have disappeared with the sand.  In order to reach the water we had to walk over many rocks and through what looks like a babbling brook.  We spent a good amount of time walking in the shallow water.  We ventured over to another small tidal pool where we found much evidence of clams in the sand.

  Sand castings of a burrowing clam
photo from here

Several casting piles were visible through the water.  Much of the sand was also stained a dark black.  I remember as a kid being told that black sand meant clams.  Not sure if this is true or just a tale but we did see a lot of black sand and many broken clam shells strewn about by the gulls.

 It was so much fun showing the children where the clams could be found.  We were not quick enough in our digging to actually find any clams.  It was more about the experience.  We could have continued exploring except for the thunderstorm that rolled into the area.  The sky grayed and the thunder began to boom.  In the distance we could see the storm clouds.  After the second round of thunder we decided to hike back to our towels and chair and pack up to go home.  We will go back again at low tide to explore.  Being on the rocks and in the water was a great way to spend time together.  I can't wait to go back....

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