Saturday, July 24, 2010

Medium Night

If you are open to the possibility that our loved ones who pass are able to reconnect with us in some way and that they are able to see how our lives are going, please read on; if you are not open but curious, please read on; if you are not open and not curious in the least perhaps you should skip today's blog post and come back tomorrow when I'll share some pictures of n's cake and party.

Last night my neighbor treated me to 'Medium Night' down the street at The Chapel Antique store.  These medium nights have been going on at this venue for quite some time.  I drive by the store just about every day and often see the chalk board sign advertising the nights.  I have always been curious and wanted to attend one of these nights for quite some time.  Needless to say when my neighbor offered to take me as a thank you for watching her son for several days when school first let out this summer I jumped at the opportunity.

So The Chapel is a quaint old building that is divided into two sections.  As you walk into the building the front room is stocked full of lovely antiques and gift items.  There is so much merchandise in this room that it is a feast for your eyes.  I was only able to briefly check out the room as our event was taking place in the back room of the building.  To enter the rear room we had to step up and through an enormous set of barn style doors.  The small room was set up with chairs arranged in an oval shape.  This night there were ten people participating.  Shortly after seven our spiritualist arrived.  Kathleen sat at the head of our group and began explaining the basics about what she is able to do for us on the earth plane(as she called it).  She is gifted with the ability to see spirits in her mind's eye.  She explained that we all have spirits around us; guardian angels, guides, loved ones who have passed on to spirit.  She works with her guides to connect with spirits.  It was quite interesting to hear about her experiences before we began.  Her style was casual and she explained that she would share what the spirits said and then we would all try to figure out with whom the spirit was trying to connect.

Before we began we all took a deep cleansing breath.  The first spirit that came in was a male.  Kathleen looked right at the gentleman to my right thinking it was going to be his reading.  Unfortunately for him he couldn't place what she was saying.  As more details came through she spoke of the gentleman not being able to walk and thought perhaps he might have died of a heart attack.  She kept pointing to her chest.   A young woman sitting two chairs to my right thought that this might be for her but as Kathleen continued it was apparent that it was not her reading either.  At this point I'm thinking maybe this if for me....  For the last years of his life walking was difficult for Dad and at the end he was not walking at all... while I don't believe he died of a heart attack per say I know that he stopped breathing and certainly that would involve the chest area....  The true sign for me was the next few statements Kathleen made.  She said she was seeing lobsters, the ocean and boats.  She continued to say that this gentleman loved boats and being outside that he had been strong with beautiful eyes.  At that point I raised my hand and confirmed that I thought it was my Dad.   At first I didn't make the following connection... many months ago I dreamt of my childhood home, I walked into the house and the table was set for a lobster dinner.  I walked further into the home to find Mum and Dad in the back bedroom watching tv together. ...

On with the reading.  I wish I had taken more copious notes but I didn't so I'll share as much as I can remember.  Kathleen didn't say too much more about Dad, just that he was around.  She then went on to say that there was a female vibration standing behind me and that she looked just like me, almost like looking at a photograph of me.  That this woman was warm and kind and very giving.  That things were difficult and that she was wrapping me up with a hand made blanket and comforting me.  The spirit began to show her notes and lists all over a table.  Then she pushed the notes to the side and said that I should begin again, start over..... this is very interesting as I received an email from my brother that seemed to open a new door to resolution with the house....  Kathleen went on to say that my mother would be guiding us and could help me to make the decisions that needed to be made.  She also brought up the name of my boss that also happens to be the name of the friend I was with last night.  It almost seemed like a warning to watch out for her... kind of strange, haven't really placed this tidbit yet.  Another thing that Kathleen relayed was that my mother was saying to calm down... sit down and have a cup of tea.  Kathleen went on to say that this seemed to be something that she would have done in life.  Oh how true is that!

 Mum and Dad were not the only two who visited.....

The next name that come up was one of my cousins  S.  I can only assume that my Aunt Kathleen may have been reaching out to her for some reason.  There was no more than the name.  Next she came out with the name Francis and immediately I thought of my Godmother, but Kathleen followed up with the name Frank.  I was surprised.  After Uncle Frank came another woman and though the exact description escapes me I am certain it was Aunt May.  Kathleen talked about graciousness and hospitality and fun loving.  She described her as having beautiful skin.  I do think it was Aunt May.  For some reason eating habits came up and Kathleen described her as saying 'no, no, no'.  I didn't understand this last night and don't quite know why A. May would say that to me, but it was definitely something my Mum spoke of often, especially when I was a young teenager.    This afternoon I was reflecting on this part of the evening and thought  maybe she was talking about all the icing and fondant I'd been nibbling as we made n's cake for her party.  I wonder if she would needle her own daughter about food choices.  Hmmmm...

Finally Kathleen talked about what she saw around me....a change in work, a good change either more responsibility or a different position, something good.  She also said she saw me as a healer.  Interesting.

So I think that is most of what was said and experienced that night.  I thought for sure that I would cry and I didn't.  I love that Dad came through first.  I wish I could have asked questions to get more specific proof.  If I go again I will be more prepared.


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