Monday, July 5, 2010

And it Continues!

So while we were busy making memories this weekend, the drama I have been expecting, anticipating even since Dad died happened this weekend.  Sigh.

R has been working very hard with the entire family's best interest at heart to market and show Papa's house.  Sadly the house is in a significant state of disrepair.  Even so many people have seen the post on Craig's list and are coming to see the house.  Saturday was just such a day.  A woman who was interested in possibly renting/leasing to own came down from near Boston to see the house.  R showed her around and was answering questions.  Prior to her arrival my brother was upstairs talking with R.  R invited him to stay and be a part of the conversation but he opted to go back downstairs.   It was our thought that if someone rents to own then it would give my brother and his family the option of staying downstairs.  I'm not sure if this was communicated or heard by him as during the showing he heard R talking about 'tenant at will' in reference to the downstairs.  The woman was fine with that until my brother come outside and started yelling upstairs about how R was trying to screw him and that he wasn't a tenant at will.  The truth is he signed a lease and he is a tenant at will.  The reason we did a lease was so that they could get aid from the state which they never pursued.  Suffice it to say that we will not be hearing from our potential buyer again.  She practically ran out of the house.

R was pretty much attacked by both my SIL and my brother.  I won't go into details here because the details don't really matter.  There is some serious mental illness going on over at that home and I feel awful about what was said to R and the fact that my niece and nephew witnessed the fight.  I am just grateful that it did not turn physical.  I worry for my brother and for my niece and nephew.  When I think of all the times I have helped them and how they treated R, I am sickened.  I don't know that my relationship with my brother will ever be the same and I am certain that I no longer want any kind of relationship with his wife.

The good news is that the Cambridge couple may still be interested in the house.  I hope that we hear from them tomorrow and can sign the house over.  It would be a huge relief.


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