Monday, June 28, 2010


I wish that I could remember all the stories I heard as a child. There were so many. Stories about my parents and their experiences as children. Stories about how they met and what they experienced together. Birth stories, family anecdotes and funny little remembrances that were ripe for the taking. If only I could remember each one. If only I could have a second chance to record that precious family history.

The following is a story I remember my Dad telling me on many an occasion. It was a frequently requested story as I remember. Not all the details are clear but the picture is so vivid in my minds eye. And the story goes....

Before my parents met Dad threw all caution to the wind and purchased a little cottage by the ocean not far from the cape.

Back in the day Dad spent time at the cottage with his friends and family. My Uncle John spent time at the cottage with his family. The cottage was enjoyed by all. Dad even took Mum to the cottage for a date. If memory serves Dad ran out of gas and I think they spent the night at the cottage. I'm sure that event created quite the backlash. Anyway I digress. So after Mum and Dad were married they kept the cottage but at some point decided to rent the cottage. Well the time came when Mum and Dad decided they would create a life for themselves and their family by the sea in that tiny little cottage. They would make it a home. Unfortunately the renters had a different idea. They didn't want to leave. They downright refused. Not only did they refuse they went so far as trashing the house. Nothing my parents did would convince these people to leave so Dad took it into his own hands. At the time and for many years to follow Dad drove a Cadillac. So Dad and his brother as well as a friend(can't remember if it was his best man Dick Whiteside) took a ride down to the cottage, from the city. They were a motley crew. So motley in fact that the police stopped by to see what was going on that evening down at the cottage. Once the police found out the story they were more than willing to help from what I remember of the story. In the end the tenants left, the house was raised and a family made a home.


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