Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nanny and Papa Birds

Well I guess this post is going to start off a bit differently than I had originally thought.

'n' and I just came out on the back deck to enjoy the fruits of our labor(more about that later). No sooner had we both sat down then Nanny Bird and Papa Bird arrive. First it was just Nanny Bird and I didn't see her until 'n' pointed her out. She was sitting on the branch of an oak tree only 8 feet away from our deck. I'll take a photo later.

In case you are wondering about Nanny bird, I'll explain. My Mum's favorite bird was the cardinal, especially the bright red male. When my Mum was living we hardly ever saw cardinals in the yard. We had blue jay families, morning doves and little house sparrows but never any cardinals. The year she died, after she died the cardinals came to my yard and they have been here ever since. The male cardinals have been affectionately named 'Nanny Bird'. It's the craziest thing. I can be sitting in my living room with the windows open and I'll hear his call. I can almost always find him. What is even stranger is that when I whistle his call or call his name it's like he understands me and either calls back or if he is close enough he looks at me and tilts his head and many times he will fly to where I am sitting if I'm outside. I know you probably think I'm nuts but I'm completely telling the truth! So now my story gets even stranger.... Up until this year we have never seen the female cardinal. She is out there but never comes around. Well since Dad passed away the female is coming around. So now we have 'Nanny Bird' the red male cardinal and we have 'Papa Bird' the plain female cardinal. It's like they are finally together.

So I have digressed from my story. 'Nanny Bird' is on the tree and I'm talking to her/him, whatever... anyway I would swear the bird is responding to my words! "Hi Nanny Bird, how are you? etc." Well all of a sudden the female arrives and they sit even closer to us on the deck maybe 5 feet away in the branch that overhangs the deck! It brought tears to my eyes! They stayed on the branch for several minutes as we basked in their presence before they flew back into the woods.

Seeing the birds was a wonderful way to end a productive and rewarding day filled with quality time with both of my children and time spent outdoors digging in the dirt. N has been craving attention from both R and me. Today I spent time with him playing one of his favorite video games; Little Big Planet. Out of all of his video games I find this one to be the most entertaining. Playing with him can be difficult as he is an expert and I am only a beginner. It is a good lesson in patience for both of us when we play together. Later in the day he and R went out in search of an AC for N's room, leaving n and I home alone. We were excited to have the house to ourselves. We spent the afternoon outside working on the many planters that have remained empty until today. It felt so good to have my hands in the soil and share the experience with n. She enjoyed it just as much. Yesterday we spent the afternoon together visiting our favorite treat shop Cupcake Charlie's and then picking out flowers at Home Depot. On the drive home she said "I love going out with you Mum, I just love, love, love it!"

Making memories. Isn't that what summer is all about!

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Agency Nanny said...

Cardinal birds stay mated so your pair could be regulars for quite some time :-)

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