Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Computer Troubles!

Well it has been several days since I last posted or even visited any of my blog friends. My laptop computer has been going on the fritz. I have only had sporadic internet access with my laptop and as it is my main personal computer and the computer I prefer to use when posting on my blog I have not been posting. I do have access via R's computer as well as the children's computer but I have to steal time on both of these computers and often have only a quick minute to check email or FB. I did spend time today ordering my new laptop. I have been captured by the other side and have ordered an apple mac book pro. I am very excited. After all my computer is at least 5 years old and I am overdue for an update. I added a couple of high interest programs. I'll be managing my photos with Aperture. Aperture is Apple's competition to Adobe's Lightroom. I did some research, perhaps not enough as I should have downloaded Aperture and tried it out but from what I read that Aperture is comparable to Lightroom and it is significantly less expensive. I'm planning on using it for my personal photos and then using i photo for school photos. I'm also hoping to get an external hard drive. I also added the Microsoft Office for Apple. I went back and forth between this and iWork and decided that I'd stick with what I know. I think that I will have the best of both worlds. Finally I added Final Cut so that I can create and edit movies. Now 'm thinking of upgrading the memory on my old laptop in order to have two working laptops. We'll see.

I have much more to blog about but the kids and I are watching Aliens in the Attic so I'm going to go and enjoy the movie.


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