Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have a friend who is walking down the road that I traveled three years ago at this time.  Her mother is dying.

I spent the day teaching in her classroom yesterday as she spent the day at the hospital.  Her mother has rallied and will be moving to a nursing home.  Last night she sent out a message to many of her friends sharing an update about her mom.  She shared with all of us that she sensed the presence of God during her time with her mom the day and night before.  She believed that her mom was very close to leaving this world.

Upon reading her words I  felt an immediate connection.  In my minds eye I pictured the scene I shared in this post.  I had not connected this visit with God's presence before but looking back that is exactly what I experienced. I remember the atmosphere and light changed in my Dad's living room as our visit was drawing to a close.  It was almost foggy in the room as if we were covered in a gossamer veil that ever so slightly separated us from all those who were waiting on the other side.  I did not make that connection in the moment, not until now listening to my friend's experience.  I am certain that Dad could see through that veil and that is why he questioned where he was that night.  I am so honored that I was with him during that experience.

Now I hold my friend close to my heart as she walks with her mother on a similar journey. I hope that she will soon be home.



Liz Thomas said...

A painful memory I'm sure but a wonderful explanation of what you experienced!

Barbara said...

Thanks Liz.

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