Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Word View - Reflection

This week Liz chose the word 'reflection'.  I had so many different thoughts on this word that I found it difficult to choose an image.  At first I was drawn to the idea of reflection in a large body of water or reflection in a mirror.  I have images that would fit this bill but I continued to reflect on our challenge.  Then I thought about inner reflection or the reflection of oneself in another's eyes.  I really wanted to go down this path but could not find the perfect image I was hoping to find.  I should have set up a shoot but was busy most of the week not feeling well.  I finally returned to the idea of the reflection of water.  If you read here you know that I am drawn to water.  It is a part of who I am.  Born under the water sign pisces it is natural for me to be drawn to this element of nature.  As I was browsing my photos I came across a long forgotten picture that was hidden away in an unexpected folder.


  [ri-flek-shuhn]  Show IPA
the act of reflecting or the state of being reflected.
an imagerepresentation; counterpart.
a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration.
a thought occurring in consideration or meditation.
an unfavorable remark or observation.


3.  meditation, rumination, deliberation, cogitation, study,thinking. 5.  imputation, aspersion, reproach, criticism. 

So here you see the reflection of light off many tiny droplets of water.  This is an image of a beautiful spider web that had collected droplets of rain.  This image has minimal processing.  I think the reflection of light off the water droplets give the impression of beautiful gems.  What do you think.  

I hope you go over to Our Word View to see Liz's interpretation and to find out what word we will be sharing for next week.  



Alicia said...

Wonderful. You've already seen my Reflection photo!

Liz Thomas said...

OMG Barb this is an incredible photo. I could not figure out what that was. Fantastic!!!!

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