Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An Emotional Day

Well today was an emotional day, especially this afternoon.  I shared the news about my job change with the children in my classes today.  The older morning children managed it quite well.  I'm not sure they fully understood that I will not be back in their classroom after vacation.  We'll see what they have to say tomorrow.  My afternoon class was a different story.  Some of the afternoon children have been with me for two years.  When I  initially shared my information and let them know who would be joining the class after vacation the children cheered but then they stopped as if they suddenly realized the full extent of what I had shared.  One little fellow spoke up and said "So that means you won't be back after vacation?"  As he said this his lower lip trembled.  He then told me in a quiet voice that he would miss me.  As he was speaking a little girl climbed into my lap crying softly.  At this point I had to do all I could not to cry myself.  After some more discussion we went back to singing I had to get up to get a bandaid for one of the children.  At this point I had to have my little friend climb off of my lap.  As soon as I moved and she sat on the floor by herself the flood gates opened for her and another little friend.  I felt terrible.  The three of us walked down the hall to get snack and were able to have a few minutes alone in the kitchen.  These are two of the children I will miss the most.  I hope we can enjoy the day tomorrow without too many tears.


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Lydia said...

I'm sorry it is so hard for you (and them) but what an impression you have made on them! Hope it gets easier. Peace and love.

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