Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Today was a super busy day.  I spent the day in my 4th grade class.  It was my last day shadowing M.  It was a bit of a crazy day as two of the Moms from the class threw her a baby shower with games, pizza and cupcakes.  The children loved all the excitement.  By the end of the party the teachers were tired.

One of the fun perks of working up the street is that I can be home in moments.  Today I left work at 3:45, went to the market and was home by 4:30.  I had dinner in the oven in about fifteen minutes and then went to work on tomorrows crock pot teriyaki steak.  I'm looking forward to seeing how that meal turns out. I will be working at my other job for the rest of the week and waiting to hear if I'll be heading into the 4th grade on Friday.  I hope so!

Tonight will be an early night.  Everyone in the family is a bit under the weather so hopefully if we all get a  good night sleep we'll feel better in the morning.


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