Monday, February 15, 2010

Museum of Science

Well we had an interesting experience at the Museum yesterday. We arrived in Boston around 2:30 and there was soooo much traffic. I guess everyone had the same idea. 'No one will be at the museum on Valentine's Day!' When we finally got to the parking garage the sign said it was temporarily full so we drove down the street to a different parking garage. It was so far away that we decided to turn around and try the original garage. It was worth the time in the traffic as we found a spot fairly quickly. We got in line and were so pumped for the Harry Potter show. Well it turned out that the next available showing was at 7:15! What a bummer. We knew that none of us wanted to stay that long so we ended up purchasing our membership and walking around the museum. It was so crowded that there were lines to do anything interactive. We only stayed for a couple of hours.

After we left we decided to go to the South Shore Plaza to check out the lego store. It was fun. What a difference from our Independence Mall! The Lego Store was awesome! Floor to ceiling lego kits and the back wall was completely covered in drawers of bricks. I ended up picking up some pieces for school. I purchased an $8.00 cup of bricks. I went online to figure out how much I would have paid if I purchased the same pieces from and learned that I would have spent more than 50 bucks! I counted up the number of pieces and figured that I paid 2 cents per lego! Oh how I love a deal. Happy, happy, happy!

On the ride home we all decided that we were starving! We went to Red Robin. It was a yummy way to end the day.

Hope you all had a fun Valentine's day too.


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