Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Minds Eye

So some nights sleep eludes me. Last night was one such night. I felt tired but once I went to be my eyes were wide open and my mind started racing. 'N' was at a sleepover and I had 'R' bring the phone up when he came to bed, just in case. When I rolled over put in my earplugs in order to go to sleep I saw the phone on my night stand. I closed my eyes and the images came.

Does that ever happen to you? Just before you drift off to sleep do you see things? It's not a dream or a memory but somehow a combination of the two.

These images they come and sometimes I can will them away but other nights I know that they will not be suppressed by sheer will. It is on those nights that sleep does not come easy. Those are the nights that I roll back over, turn on HGTV or the Food TV to occupy my brain in the hopes that with enough random stimuli those images will leave me for a time.

This afternoon I thought about my experience last night. I was drawing with 'n' and the image I saw came to me so I decided to make an attempt to draw what wouldn't leave my sight. The image that darted me awake and took
me back all at once.
This is what I saw in my mind's eye.



Cyndy said...

Wow, that is rather haunting! I see swirly dots that sometimes turn into cartoons and sometimes become kaleidescopes. It's never anything really specific, but there's always stuff to look at with my eyes closed as I nod off to sleep.

Anonymous said...

whoa! i LOVE that you drew this! it's sort of mesmorizing, really. draws me in.

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