Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Thinking...

So I've been looking through old photos. I'm hoping to have them all scanned at some point but for now I'm picking and choosing photos that are particularly special or meaningful. I've realized after posting some photos over at facebook that I was such a lucky child. I grew up with an extended family that showered each other with love. My brother and I are the youngest of the first cousins and our mother was the baby in her family and the beloved Aunt to many. I remember wonderful times at my Aunt's homes in West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Hyde Park and Marshfield. Family gatherings were always celebrations. I remember many hour long car rides to and from such events. I think one of the reasons I am enjoying this scanning project so much is that the photos bring back so many wonderful memories from my childhood. Not only did we travel north, but there were many times when family came to visit with us by the beach. So much fun. I wish that I could give these experiences to my own children. Unfortunately times are different. We create our own kinds of memories but it is nothing like what my mother created for us..... Just a different time I guess.



Judy said...

Your post brought back such wonderful memories to me as well. Didn't it seem that we could be in the home of any and all relatives within an hour 'back then'? My aunt also lived in Marshfield....perhaps we were crossing paths while visiting family!

xo and Peace back at ya!

Barbara said...

Nice to see you here Judy! Funny how we keep finding things in common. I spent time down on Plymouth Ave not to far from the beach. We probably passed each other at the Marshfield Fair. I have fond memories of 'placing a bet' and watching the horse races! Hard to believe we could do that back then. (those poor horses)

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