Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday, Monday

Well today the kiddies are home. Both have dental appointments and I thought it best to just keep them home rather than run hither and yond to drop off, pick up, dismiss etc., etc.... This dental appointment will be the first in preparation for 'n' to get braces. All of her baby teeth are out so it is time as long as her adult teeth are cavity free we can proceed. I wish that the kids did not inherit their soft teeth from me. Sadly they did. No matter how often they brush or what they eat they seem to have cavities at least once a year. We have started to put sealants on their teeth to protect at least some of the surfaces. 'N' had teeth actually grow in with 'cavities'. They were actually anomalies in his teeth. Little holes in the sides of his molars. I think almost all of his molars came in that way. On top of hating that they have cavities it is a very expensive endeavor having them fixed. So that is the plan for the beginning of the day. After the dentist we will be returning cans. 'n' is going to bring the cash into school to donate to their Haiti fundraiser. Her school had a goal of raising $300.00 and they have already raised double that amount. After this job we may stop at our local GameStop so that N can trade in some old games. We'll see.

Hope everyone has a great Monday.


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