Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yay It's Friday!

Well it's my Friday anyway! I'm happy that today ends my work week. It has been quite the week. Tuesday was hellacious. The child who is struggling in my class had perhaps the worst day ever. At one point we had five teachers in the classroom. Three of those teachers were trying to help the struggling child. We had our meeting with that family later that day. It was a 'lovely' meeting but not the meeting I would have held. Oh well, enough said about school.

The election was another huge disappointment. On my way to school Tuesday morning I was listening to my favorite radio station and the dj's started a conversation with an individual regarding the senate campaign's... at first I thought it was a spoof on Scott Brown. I quickly realized that it was Scott Brown. I was so unimpressed. You know, if MA had to vote in a Republican, couldn't we have picked someone who at least presented as thoughtful and intelligent. He just seems so full of himself and unaware of how off putting he is to some voters. He probably doesn't care. Perhaps his election will make the dems realize that they need to step it up a notch with regard to change and getting things done in Washington. The good news is he only has two years in this seat and then will have run again. Hopefully he can't do too much damage over the next two years.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, better than I had previously planned. 'n' will be taking part in an Authors Celebration and I will be attending. She will be reading selections from her published writing. One selection is about Dad's wake. I think I will need to bring tissues. She told me yesterday how much she enjoys writing, especially when she writes about something that she likes and is interesting. I offered to set up a 'blog' for her so that she can write on the computer and she was very excited. For now the blog will remain private but perhaps in the future she will decide to open it up to other readers. I can't wait to read what she writes.

Now it's time to begin my day. Enjoy your almost Friday!


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