Friday, January 8, 2010


My title says it all! It was a long week, even though my work week is only 3 days long. The children were all very excited to be back to school with all their friends and teachers. The few children who were struggling prior to the holidays continue to struggle. At best it was challenging to meet their needs this week. I think we were hoping that things would settle down a bit for them after the holidays passed. In my heart of hearts I knew this would not be the case. Luckily the families are supportive. We will work together to try to figure things out for these children as they are eligible for kindergarten next year. Much progress will need to be made in order for these children to be successful next year in a public school setting. We shall see.

Yesterday on my way to school I found myself feeling very 'raw', emotionally speaking. My mind was racing and several times during my 30 minute commute I was on the verge of tears. I thought to myself as I approached school.... 'Please, let everything be alright bad news'. Well that was not to be. One of our families has been struggling with an acute terminal illness. The diagnosis was made just a couple weeks before Christmas break. When I saw the children enter the building with their Mom instead of their Grandma I knew the news would be bad. Sure enough the family lost their patriarch the night before. So sad and so reminiscent of my experience with my Dad. Loss is such a difficult journey. Just when you think you are OK something brings you back into the mire of grief. And so it goes....

Today I will spend time working in my house. I'll clean, hopefully produce some art work, either constructing cards, creating prints or watercolor painting. I also have newsletters to write for school. I should do some grocery shopping but I think I'll hold off on that job. I awoke with a pounding headache so I'm hoping that the Advil that I took 30 minutes ago will kick in soon so that I can begin.


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