Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vote, Vote, Vote

Well after a weekend filled with many, many, many political phone calls and voice mails today it will all be over. Raised in a working class family I have always aligned myself with the Democrats, believing that they stand for the small guy while Republicans tend to favor the wealthy, conservative big business types. For those who read here, who live out of the general area, we are preparing to vote a politician into the Senate seat that was once filled by Teddy Kennedy. We are choosing between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown.

I'm not sure that either of these candidates can do justice to the seat for which they run. That being said; I also believe that now is not the time to 'punish' Pres. Obama by voting out a Democrat as a referendum on Obama's work thus far in his Presidency. I especially dislike the fact that in most adds Scott Brown is identifying himself as an independent minded politician for the people. Quite frankly I don't believe him. The fact that I received a call requesting support for Brown due to the fact that Martha Coakley said that Catholics shouldn't work in the ER and therefore is a proponent of religious discrimination particularly galls me. Clearly this was a snippet taken out of context by the group placing the call. Unbelievable! I think that a vote for Scott Brown is tantamount to a vote against the new Health Care initiative. While the new bill isn't perfect, at least it is a start. I guess you can tell who I'll be voting for today. (I wish I could be voting for Vicky but alas that was not to be)

I'll be watching with bated breath tonight as the polls close and results roll in.....


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