Monday, January 18, 2010

The Week Ahead

Well it's looking like the week will be busy as usual...

School has been challenging. My teaching partner and I are working hard to meet the needs of the children yet are finding that some children continue to exhibit challenging behaviors. We have made many modifications all varied in nature and pride ourselves in being consistent and positive as we work with these young children. I know I have educators who read this blog and would love any suggestions that you might be willing to offer. When looking at one child's temperament we see a child who has a low sensory threshold, is less than predictable in reactions to various classroom stimuli, exhibits responses that are intense, tends to withdraw when faced with a new situation, is slow to adapt, struggles with staying with a task when faced with frustration, is able to start the day with a positive mood but as the day moves on the mood becomes negative even angry at times. Throughout the day there are glimpses of sustained play however most of the day this child is unable to settle into any activity. We will be meeting with the Mom tomorrow in the hopes that we can work together to develop further strategies that will enable us to help our student manage the day and be successful in our classroom. It is so frustrating as a teacher to use virtually every strategy you can think of and still fail to make progress. Can you tell I've been thinking about this a lot?

This week I will be driving a rental car yet again. My car is still in the shop being repaired. We have yet to get all the information from the individual who t-boned me in the CVS parking lot. We will be stuck with a 500.00 deductible! I have learned a very important lesson through this experience. Call the police when you are in an accident... no matter how minor. Had I called the police I believe that the individual who hit me would have been arrested. He told me he was on pain meds and I don't think he should have been driving. Sigh! Well now I know.

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and perhaps even reflected on why we have an extra day off today. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. may he rest in peace and may his dream live on.


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