Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CVS - trip down memory lane?

So I went to the doctor yesterday. Sure enough I have bronchitis. I knew I had it I was just hoping it would miraculously go away on it's own. I seriously dislike going to the doctor's office as well as having to fill prescriptions and take medicine. I'll be a good patient however and take my meds and get as much rest as I can until I beat this nastiness.

I had to drop my prescriptions off at my local CVS, you know the one where I was in that fender bender that wiped out the entire passenger side of my Camry. The car is all fixed by the way and looks better than new. They even took out the big dent on my bumper that was there from a previous 'hit and run' type incident. I digress.... so I was leery about driving into the parking lot but I got through it and parked safely without incident. I went down to the pharmacy to drop off my scripts and planned to wait for them to be filled. It felt a little strange as the only time I would normally drop anything off would have been scripts for Dad. So I'm sure you can guess how I was feeling. I did a little browsing. Checked out the cough drops, looking for the boxes of Luden's licorice flavor cough drops. Evidently I'm out of the cough drop loop as I couldn't find boxes never mind in licorice flavor. I guess that was a bit of a sentimental journey I was taking anyway. I should have known then to get the heck out of there! Well I didn't. I walked back to the pharmacy and sat in the waiting area. Of coarse the waiting area had to be adjacent to the 'Boost' and pill box aisle. All I kept thinking to myself was..."please don't let any of these ladies ask about Dad or be kind and nice to me" Right at this point the nice, slow moving pharmacy tech said 'Oh what's your name dear, who are you waiting for' I had all I could do not to dissolve into tears. I got through it however. I paid for my meds, drove home, worked on a couple of chores and took an hour and a half nap on the couch before getting up to make mac and cheese and beef stew! What a day.


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