Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walden Woods

So it has been a long, dreary week. Summer camp has felt more like winter than summer, but the children have enjoyed being together and I have enjoyed getting to know some new children. I do love that part of my job; the children. Next week looks to be better. Cross your fingers and do a sun dance. It would be nice to end summer camp with some summer sun.

Tomorrow I'll be going to Walden Pond in Concord with N's class. We are going rain or shine. I home it will just be drizzly and not showering. There is nothing that sounds worse to me than walking in the woods in the rain with 4th grade boys. I am excited to see Walden Pond. Should be interesting. The kids have been listening to the book Mind With Wings. They are learning about David Henry Thoreau. I've done a bit of research but don't feel like I know enough. I'm hoping to learn more during the field trip. We'll be riding the bus...for over an hour! That should be fun too.

I thought I'd bring my camera but I don't want it to get all wet, oooh I just had a brainstorm; I'll bring my old digital camera. That should work.

Well I'm off to do some research.


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