Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remembering All Who Protected Our Freedom

So several months ago in conjunction with Veteran's Day, the children in N's class as well as some of the other fourth grade classes raised money and gave up their lunch in honor of veterans who have given up so much for us so that we are able to live in freedom. The children did not actually skip lunch but they had a very simple lunch in their classroom. The could have soup and water and a roll or bring crackers and peanut butter and water from home. Throughout the day the children researched a veteran who died in action who actually shared their birthday. They made decorative plates to commemorate their veteran. They also heard from veterans from the local area. The funds that were collected went to our local American Legion to bring the Vietnam War Moving Memorial Wall to our area.

Yesterday the entire fourth grade went to the Moving Memorial.

I was able to meet them down at the wall.

Each child was able to read their veterans name.

Then move to the wall to find the name and collect a rubbing of the name.

What an incredible experience. I was so impressed by these kids. They were respectful and thoughtful in how they moved through the area.

They knew that the Memorial is a somber place and because of that they needed to act accordingly. I was impressed by what the children knew about the wall. They understood what the symbols next to the names meant and were interested in looking for names other than the original name they were given. I don't know if they actually understood the enormity of the number of names on the wall and the fact that all of those individuals are either missing or killed in action. It was an incredible experience.

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