Monday, June 1, 2009

It's Time

So I have decided it's high time that I get off of FB and re commit myself to a daily writing practice here at Surfside Serenity. I was so proud of myself when I wrote every day and now that I am finished with my regular teaching schedule and I have three weeks until N and n get out of school I figure it is the perfect time.

So a little update on the going's on in my life....

It was a very busy end of the year. Several families were saying final goodbyes and that was difficult. It is always bittersweet to see these families move on. We have done our job and the children are ready to join the larger educational community. Our school's enrollment, (as well as the enrollment of other preschools around town) is down and that is of great concern. Changes are taking place due to the enrollment issue. Change is hard. I keep reminding myself that I am fortunate to have a job in this difficult economic time. We are also very busy working on the NAEYC (National Association of the Education of Young Children) re accreditation process. It is a tedious and lengthy process. It has consumed quite a bit of my time and energy as well as that of my colleagues. We will all be happy when the process is completed this fall. Still so much work to be done before that can take place. Enough about work.

At home things are plugging along. Kids are excited for the end of the year. My oldest, N, is very excited as this has been a challenging year for him. He never quite connected with his teacher nor she with him I think. It has been a struggle. Many afternoons were spent in tears. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. He will be attending one of our two local middle schools next year as a 5th grader. Only the children from two of the many elementary schools do this due to lack of space in the buildings. There is so much excitement in this transition for N. He is talking about joining after school clubs and a sport! Never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming. I am thrilled for him. I hope the experience lives up to his expectations. I will do everything in my power to see that it does. As far as my youngest, n, she is not so excited to see the year end. While looking forward to the summer; she has had a wonderful year and loves her teacher, as do I! I know she will do well in third grade. I hope she will have the same teacher as Nick but we'll see.

I'll save Papa and Grammy updates for another day. I'm so looking forward to writing again. I hope I still have some folks out there who are interested in reading, but if not that's ok too!



Alicia said...

Welcome back!

Barbara said...

Thanks Alicia! It feels good to be back. :)

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