Wednesday, June 3, 2009

4th Grade Show!

Well there's much excitement here this afternoon! N is in the fourth grade show. Actually all the children in 4th grade are in the show but you'd think he were the star judging from the excitement. So much excitement that I have a headache. It should be great. N is in the chorus so he is an important part of the production. He has six sections in his grade so 3 sections will be going to see the play tonight and the rest of the families will go tomorrow night. Each family received 2 tickets. That will be tricky as their are three of us going to view the show. R might stand up back which is permitted. I'll bring my camera and try to take some photos to post.

On another subject, camp went well. I spent the day felting soap. I have the cleanest hands in the east. :) The process is long for some of the children. I tried to help them along, but the children were funny they didn't really want to hand over their soaps so that I could check them and give them a bit of a head start. So some of the children were at the little table with me for quite some time. I think they will be happy with their final product when they go home tomorrow. Nine children worked on soaps today and nine are signed up for working on soaps tomorrow. We'll be inside due to the weather so at least access to hot water for felting will be a bit easier. Perhaps more hot water will speed up the process.

So the only other bit of news is that our final Strategy Team meeting for Stand for Children will be next Monday. We will celebrate all that we have done this year to make gains for children. Food and planning for next year will be a part of the meeting.


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