Friday, June 19, 2009

Last Day Celebration

Wow what a busy day!

Today was the last day of school. The children went off to school with mixed emotions; happy for summer yet sad to leave their current classmates behind and a bit apprehensive about what lies ahead. In the past I have picked them up at school on the last day of school. Today they both opted to ride the bus home today as it will be the last time they ride the bus together for two years as N is moving on to the middle school and n won't join him for two years. Anyway I planned a bit of a celebration for today. We invited a few friends over for snacks, cake and ice cream. I went to the store while the kids were in school and picked up some healthy fruit and a bunch of kid favorites: twizzlers, reaces pieces, swedish fish, gummy worms, doritos... It was like kiddie heaven. We also grilled hot dogs and hamburgs.

As an end of the year gift the kids got a Wii system. Chances are we are the last out of all the kids friends to purchase this system but I think it was worth the wait. We spent all afternoon and much of the evening playing Wii sports. Boxing and bowling are hilarious. The other games are fun too. I am totally going to get the Wii fit. I can't wait. I heard of an acquaintance who lost 50 lbs just using his Wii to exercise to. Boy if I could lose that much weight I think I would feel so much healthier. It would be awesome.

I'm hoping to make more progress with my etsy over the weekend.

Well it's time to retire for the evening.


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