Thursday, December 25, 2008


So on Christmas eve it has been tradition for as long as I can remember for family and friends to gather together and enjoy good food and company. Since my Mum passed away 8 years ago I have taken on the tradition and we now gather at my home on Christmas Eve. This year was no exception. Our gathering is smaller than it used to be but just as merry. Here are some photos from our evening.

Say Cheese! or chips :)

Sisterly Love!

Brother 'B' playing peek-a-boo with the amaryllis!

Our lovely little Christmas tree.

The gang is all here! N,n & the cousins!

Quick look away, she has the camera again! Auntie 'A' was the only one who escaped the camera on Christmas Eve. No worries, we captured her image on Christmas morn. More on that later.

We had a great evening. Company was lovely, food was delicious and we were able to tucker out all the children so Santa could come earlier than later.


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Judy said...

Traditions are great...and I'm glad that you are carrying on that wonderful one.
Looks like you all had a great time.


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