Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mother's Guilt

Has anyone ever experienced 'Mother's Guilt'? I had a huge case of this ailment today. 'N' has been working on a project over the last few weeks in his 4th grade class. The project revolved around family treasures. All the children had to talk to their families and choose possessions that were treasures. All the items were going to be displayed in a 'Treasure Museum' that would be open to all the families. Unfortunately the Museum showing was planned for mid morning today. Being a work day I was unable to attend. Cue mothers guilt! 'N' didn't seem bothered that his family was not in attendance yet I still feel the guilt. He told me about all the Mom's who were there and with each word I felt worse. I have to let it go but like him I sometimes get stuck! Here's hoping that a goodnight sleep will solve the problem.


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