Saturday, December 6, 2008


What a day. It went by so quickly. I can't believe it is already 7:35!

We had a productive day. 'n' and I worked on paper mache ornaments. We will be making these in school next week and I wanted to make sure it was doable. I found out that the perfect balloon for the project is a water balloon. The ornaments will be a little bigger than an extra large egg. The size is small enough for the 3yr old children to complete with help. I have some photo's of the process but I will wait until I take photos of the next steps before I post.

After our art project we all worked together to clean up the house. What would have taken me at least two hours was accomplished in about 45 minutes with teamwork It was so nice not to have to do all the work myself. It took some coaxing but we did the job. 'n' even used our floor steamer to clean the kitchen floor!

I spent a good part of my afternoon at the hairdressers. I was in dire need of having my roots and color done. I even opted for a new updated hair cut. When I went into the salon my hair was a few inches past my shoulders after my time spent with 'D' my hair now just skims my shoulders after being straightened. It will appear even shorter when I style it curly. Now that I think about it that is pretty short!! It looks updated and I like it so it's OK that it isn't long anymore. If I can get to taking a photo I'll post one tomorrow.

Now R is preparing to go out to his gig. He is playing locally and I had thought I might go, but I just don't want to go and sit in a bar. Not to mention that he is doing this to make money and if I went it would entail paying a babysitter, paying for a couple of drinks and then getting said babysitter back home. If I'm going to have a babysitter come I'd rather just be able to go out and enjoy an evening with R. It is a second job for R so he isn't that upset that I'm not going.

Time to go visiting some of my favorite online friends.


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Jonni said...

Wow - you have courage if you're making paper mache Christmas tree ornaments with 3-year olds. I can't wait to see how they turn out. I just mass-produced about 30 ornaments myself, using a paper mache casting product, and put the photos on my website ( I think middle-school kids could do it, with lots of help, but even that would be a challenge. Good luck!

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