Monday, December 22, 2008

Odds and Ends

Today was our first day of vacation! It was so nice to not get up with an alarm clock. When I go to bed at a decent time I usually wake up on my own around 8am. So it was this morning. I came downstairs to my cherubs already awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed. 'N' got up so early, 5am, 'n' didn't get up until about 7:45 or so. Poor R-he was up at 6am and out the door by 6:30. No vacation for him until Wednesday, then he will be off for five days in a row. We'll all get to bed earlier tonight to prepare for late nights in the week ahead.

After coffee and breakfast I called Dad to remind him of his doctors appointment this afternoon and found out he ran out of oil! Yikes. Not a good day for that as the temperatures have dipped far below freezing. I ordered oil and my brother made sure that the electric heater and fireplace were both going to stave off the bitter cold. I invited Dad to come to my house until his home warmed up but he wasn't interested. We did some work around the house. Wrapped gifts, played on the computer, picked up and put away various items from around the house all before going to take Dad to his appt.

Dad is now on a regular schedule of having blood drawn to monitor his white count due to the immune suppressing drug he is on to treat his Chrohns disease. The good news is that the meds are working! His fistulas have almost completely closed and he has no more drainage. The doctor believes that this is due to his mp-6 meds not the most recent round of antibiotics. This was good news in my opinion. The Dr. had to burst the happiness bubble by commenting on Dad's hygiene and then open up the discussion about Dad's memory. He also wanted to know how much support Dad is receiving from both my brother and his family and me. I think that this doctor would put Dad in a nursing home if he could. It worries me. On the bright side at least the physical piece seems to be sorting itself out to some degree.

Tomorrow will prove to be a busy day. I plan on doing a lot of baking: banana bread, cranberry bread, sour cream coffee cake, black and white cookies, and anise tea cakes. I am also going to make my list for the grocery store. We'll be having a small open house on Christmas Eve so I'll be serving appetisers and goodies. I am debating on fondue as well. I have a fondue set that I received last Christmas that I have yet to use so I'd like to try it out. I would love to try Giada's recipe for cheese fondue, but I think a chocolate fondue might better suited for our guests. I'm planning on having stuffed mushrooms, scallops wrapped in bacon, homemade hummus with veggies to dip, hot artichoke dip, chicken fingers for the younger crowd, bruschetta {thanks to my dear friend Judy :) } In addition to this food I'll have lots of goodies. I've already baked and frozen chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and nut crescents. By tomorrows end I'll have a variety of breads and two more cookies to offer. Maybe I don't need to do fondue and should save it for New Years??

Well this has turned into a rambling all over the place post! Hope you are all staying warm. I'm sitting under a blanked with my warm laptop on my lap! Ahhhhhhh!


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