Tuesday, December 2, 2008

7 days til Christmas!

Well it's not really 7 days until Christmas but there are only 7 days left for my three day class! I actually thought we had three full weeks but we have two weeks and two days! We have a lot to get done in a short amount of time, but 'S' and I are going to keep things simple. We are starting on our holiday card tomorrow. It will be a two day process, water color in winter colors and then a glitter circle print on top, all matted on vibrant winter colored construction paper and affixed to a 5 x 7 card-ready for framing. We used this same process last year and the cards were absolutely beautiful. We are also completing our paper mache instrument project. We'll be adding beads to the inside of our shaker and then closing them up with glue and tissue paper. They too are beautiful. We think we'll use a similar process in the afternoon only on a much smaller scale to make special ornaments to give as a holiday gift. Should be interesting. I'll try to take pictures of the process to post for everyone to see.

I want to thank Alicia for her kind words on my last post. Prayers and hugs are always a good thing. Thanks Alicia!


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Judy said...

Can I take your class? It sounds like your projects are right up my alley!

and you gave me a start with your post title!! It's not nice to scare old ladies!


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