Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Visit

Well we went to Chatham for our visit. Unfortunately Aunt J's 90 something year old mother who lives with her isn't feeling well and wanted Aunt J to stay home. It was OK Aunt J. needs to take care of her Mom first. I had trepidations about going down and R and the children did not want to go at all but we all new how important our visits are to both Grammy and J. So off we went. It was a nice day for a ride and they are only about an hour away. The sun was shining and the air was cool and crisp. The children were able to play outside. This always helps.

As soon as we went through the door it was clear something was going on. Drama again. J was upset and agitated. He said they were having family problems but that Grammy knew more about it and she could tell us what was happening. Grammy looked as if she had been crying. Evidently the members of J's family had called and confronted Grammy on the phone. According to Grammy they called her names and said they would be coming over today to lay down the law. None of us are quite sure what this means. She asked them not to come over because she was having company. Evidently Grammy asked them why they were questioning her about her finances and how they have set up their bills. At this point they told her they didn't want anything more to do with Grammy and J. They wouldn't be taking the trash or fixing the toilets or helping in any way. We reassured Grammy that things would be fine and not to worry. We will hire someone to take the trash and we can certainly do any repairs that are needed. R put in the screens and we worked on cleaning up the garden a bit. I tried to keep the visit on an even keel but the entire time I was nervous about the possible arrival of the other side of the family. I just don't understand why things have to be so adversarial. It was my understanding that they wanted what is best for Grammy and J or at least for J. Agitating him once again is not what is best for anyone. We were able to spend a good part of the day with them and enjoy a meal together. Grammy and J always enjoy watching the children play and visiting with them. At the end of our visit a rabbit decided to visit and taste some of the foliage I had uncovered after clearing away the debris from the winter. Richie and the children had fun chasing the rabbit through the yard. We went along in the hopes that they were not going to have to manage any unwanted guests this evening.

I will continue to plan and pray, as Ann suggested. Thank you Ann!


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