Friday, April 13, 2007

Vacation! Yipee!!

Today is the official start of spring vacation! I am so excited to have some time off from school. It will give me a chance to regroup and gear up for the last few weeks of school. I am also excited to have time at home with my own children. Not only that but we will also be able to spend a little time visiting with my Dad and bringing him to his appointments that were scheduled for this week. I guess vacation won't be all fun and games but that is OK.

This afternoon was interesting. Moms out there will most likely relate to what I'm about to share Both of my children 'N' who is 8 and 'n' who is 6 went to a playdate together at a home of a family that I am just beginning to get to know. This is the first time that 'n' has been dropped off with someone who isn't a family member or family friend. In the past she has had difficulty separating from me, but today was a different story. She didn't even blink when I left. I was the one who didn't want to leave. When I got home the house felt so empty. I guess this is just signs of things to come. We had the opportunity to host this playdate but when given the choice 'N' decided to go to his friends house. This left me with bittersweet feelings. I'm happy that he is secure enough that he will venture out and spend time at a new friends home, but I was hoping that he would want everyone to come to our home. We will have his friends over on vacation and he is looking forward to having them over but for some reason today left me feeling unsettled. It's interesting because I often look forward to having some time alone but when given the opportunity I couldn't relax and enjoy myself. I guess it is something that I will have
think about.

I'm happy to say that my little art studio space will be getting it's first renovation over the weekend. 'R' is planning to use his new paint sprayer to paint the gray cement walls and floor a bright white. I think this will give the space a fresh feeling. We will be purchasing shelving and hopefully hiring a plumber to put in the plumbing for a large sink. In my mind I am picturing a large deep white sink. Last weekend we cleaned the space so the progress will continue.

Hopefully during vacation I will be able to carve out some time to work on some silk fusion. I still have quite a bit of the soy silk roving and I would like to order some more natural soy silk from 'n' and I enjoyed using the liquid watercolors to die the soy silk fibers. I'd like to use the final material to make some fabric charms to hopefully use to make some beautiful teacher gifts for the end of the year.

Well I'm off to spend a few moments with my children before bedtime.

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