Monday, April 9, 2007

Plans Change

The last time I posted I was preparing for company. The original plan was for 'T' to arrive either Friday evening or Saturday some time. Well I ran around like crazy organizing and cleaning not to mention planning for meals and shopping. Well to make a long story short the visit never materialized. It was all for the best I think. We ended up having a very relaxed Saturday. We spent a good deal of the day dying blown eggs. I set up the table so that N and n could easily move from color to color and work independently as I used the beeswax to create designs on my eggs. After dying the last of the eggs we were hungry. I made some delicious guacomole that we enjoyed with yummy Garden of Eatin chips. As I made the guacamole 'R' started a fire in the fireplace. Even though it had been a sunny day here it was still pretty chilly so it was nice to sit in the living room and basque in the glow of the fire. Last weekend Grammy had asked for me to make desert for Easter dinner so I had the ingredients to make carrot cake and chocolate ganache cake. I was all set for a baking marathon, but when I spoke to Grammy she had already made a pie and had a cheesecake ready so she told me not to bother. I decided to make the chocolate ganache cake anyway to keep at home for us to enjoy. I've never made this particular cake before, but I have to say that it came out beautifully. I think that this will become my signature chocolate cake! It is that good.

On Easter Sunday the children woke early. The let me sleep until about 8 am then I finally joined them downstairs. The were very excited that the 'bunny' had visited. I had to run down to D&D's for coffee because my relatively new coffee maker had a bit of an electrical fire and no longer works. After coffee I spent some time over at Dad's visiting and cutting up ham to put in his freezer. Dad had his shower and then enjoyed some fried ham. He was in good spirits. By 1:30 we were in Chatham and I helped prepare the holiday meal. Grammy had already set out cheese and crackers and stuffed celery. We put a lovely Carando ham in the oven and I prepared mashed potato and asparagas. We also enjoyed a reheated sweet potato casserole. The children were not as enthused by the meal as the adults but they did fine. By 4:30 we were watching the Masters on TV. At this point we were all ready for a nap! The children played outside for a good part of the day and they were tired as well. All in all it was a lovely Easter.

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Judy said...

Hey Barbara!
Your eggs are gorgeous...true works of art!
Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours. I'm intrigued as you wrote about Chatham. I have family there, although it is diminishing in size as the years go by. When I was in my teens I used to spend some time there every summer at the family "compound". Those were the days!!
Happy Spring,

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