Friday, April 6, 2007

Preparing for Company

Well the children and I had the day off today as it is Good Friday. I spent the day cleaning in preparation for my brother in law's arrival tomorrow. The children spent the day playing. The other day we talked about what Good Friday meant. They didn't quite understand. 'N' doesn't understand why anyone would nail a person to the 'T'. We talked about how people were afraid of the goodness of Jesus but it is still difficult for an 8 year old to understand. We talked about it in length. 'N' had many questions. I am glad he has questions I remember as a child having the day off and not being able to enjoy the day. My Mother was a very devout Catholic and on Good Friday she required my brother and I to sit quietly from noon to three and to fast. I don't think I ever understood the purpose of why we were to be quiet. We were not allowed to question. I remember watching the movie Jesus of Nazeruth with her as a young girl and weeping through the movie. The story of the crucifixtion horrified me as a child. As an adult and a parent of young children I wonder how to share these stories with my children without scaring them. Faith is a mysterious thing.

For all of you who celebrate I wish you a blessed Easter.

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