Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Inside Story

Another tale of 40 M.  If you have heard enough of the ongoing work over at the other house I understand.  For my own sanity and peace of mind I have to share with you more of this journey.

Before I go into the latest chapter I must give you a rain/water update.  After dropping my children off at the bus stop this morning I took a quick drive by the other house.  I looked like the drains and driveway fix are doing what they should.  Shortly after I returned home I was thrilled to get a text from K our tenant informing me that things are dry even after the torrents of rain that passed through over night.  I am so relieved and cautiously optimistic that our fix is working.  R will go over this afternoon to check it out in person.  

So now that the outside issues appear to be in order we will be moving into the rooms impacted by the water.  The basement bedrooms and bathroom are where we will be spending our time over the next two weekends.  Yesterday I was tasked with the job of removing 25 inches of drywall from the exterior walls of the bedrooms.  I researched the best method for removing pieces of drywall and found some interesting techniques.  The one that made the most sense included locating and removing the drywall screws securing the pieces to the studs.  So once the children were off to school yesterday and I finished some household chores I headed out to the local hardware store in search of a heavy duty magnet.  For $3.99 I purchased a magnet on a telescoping pole.  Great tool.  It worked like a charm.  Every sixteen inches or so I was able to locate the screws.  I then used my knife, hammer and screwdriver to reveal the screws.  Fern came in handy as I removed each screw.  Below you can see the wall in the ocean side bedroom where I have taken out all the screws.

Before uncovering all the screws I focussed my attention on the front wall in the other bedroom.  I removed the screws, cut through the wall and removed the pieces from the wall.  I felt very accomplished.  Then I slammed my knuckles into the corner and did a number on my middle finger.  It was one of those things that does not hurt at first and then you realize you hurt yourself and it is excruciating.  At that point I decided to leave the knifework to R.   

In any event I was able to get 1/4 of the demo done and prepped all the other walls for the same process.  I think I'll go over Friday and work on it some more.  


btw  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is still dry over there!  If we get through this storm I think we could get through anything.  

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