Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Word View - Change

What is Our Word View?  A collaboration between two friends who lost touch over the years but have reconnected online.  We share a love of the ocean, photography, quotes, animals and family.  Often times our photographic interpretations of our word of the week are very similar.

This week I chose the word change for our photographic interpretation.  I hope you will go over to Our Word View and see what Liz shares this week.

So over the years we have watched the children grow and change.  From the very start they have been the best of friends.  It is amazing how fast time goes by....  one thing that I hope will never change is how close N and n are.... they have there moments, but when push comes to shove they are good friends and would do anything for each other.  I think they are just great kids.  


1 comment:

Liz said...

Barb without a doubt we are kindred spirits! Amazing that we picked basically the same interpretation for the word! Love it!

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