Saturday, June 9, 2012

Winding Down

Well this past week seems to have gone by in a blur!  The school year is winding down and there is much to do as both parent and teacher!  It makes for a very busy time.

n had an open house at her new middle school.  In our town we have two middle schools and next year I will have one child at each school.  I was impressed by n's middle school.  She is so excited to move on and I am excited for her.  It's interesting when you are young and the adults in your life remind you to enjoy all that you do because as you get older time goes by faster I always thought they were crazy.  How could time go by faster just because you are older; I would think.  Well it's the truth.  I can't believe how fast my children are growing up!  Emotionally and physically I have two teenagers here in this house (although chronologically I only have 1... proof that girls mature more quickly... a teen at 11!)  It feels like just yesterday when I had two toddlers.

In four (three and a half) days we will be on summer vacation.  My goal over this summer is to relax,  exercise, get healthy (loose 20 lbs) and prepare a professional portfolio.  Should be a wonderful two months.  Hopefully during that time I will interview and be offered a teaching position.  Fingers will be crossed.  Otherwise I'll be subbing full time next year right from the beginning!


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