Monday, June 4, 2012

Through the Years

Well my best friend's daughter graduated from high school this weekend.  I remember when C was pregnant at my wedding and then later that fall when beautiful M was born.  I remember holding her and rocking her when she was a tiny baby and all the bank girls went to visit C and her new precious gift.  I remember watching her grow.  As a very young girl she looked like an angel.  She was fair with gorgeous curly blond hair.   Her curls fell around her face in soft wispy ringlets.  Birthday parties came and went and she grew up before our very eyes.  I remember tutoring her for a time when she was in elementary school and taking her picture as she prepared for her Prom.    She grew into an amazing, independent, intelligent young woman.    She did all this with the support of a family who loves her beyond words.  At the graduation party yesterday I could see in my minds eye this beautiful girl through the years.  My friend has done an amazing job raising her family.  I am proud of her and her daughter.  


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