Saturday, June 23, 2012


My post title is exactly how I feel!  The heat wave broke last night.  I was up early this morning, before everyone.  I love getting up early and enjoying my first cup of coffee by myself in a quiet house.  We got moving slowly this morning but R and I ended up going out to the Home Depot and BJ's.  I was hoping to find some great plant deals at HD but they didn't have a huge selection so we nixed the idea of flowers and moved on to do a little food shopping.  Once we came home and put away the groceries I spent the rest of the afternoon out on my back deck.  At first I was using my headphones and ipod and then I remembered my old stand alone Cambridge computer speakers.  I found them and plugged in my ipod and had an instant stereo system on the deck.  It was so great to just sit, listen to my music and work on an art piece for my friend M.  As I spent time on the deck, Flicka joined me and took her spot on one of the deck chairs...too cute,  the kids were doing their own thing and R was hanging on the couch with the clicker.  Now we have eaten a delicious dinner and are relaxing together.  I have not felt this relaxed in a very long time.  Ahhhhhhh !!!!!


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